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Michelle Reid Hawley Modern - Artist

About Michelle Reid Hawley Modern

Learn more about Michelle Reid Hawley Modern from Arlington, TX - United States.

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� Copyright (Michelle Reid~Hawley) All Rights Reserved.~ ~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~

Artist Statement

Michelle learned from her Mother about art. And she taught her that you learn from others and from what you learn you make your own mark.

So, there is many things she could tell you about her work from the wonderful artists she has learned from to the joy she get from a Collectors face that see it as inspiring. There is too much to say in just a statement. Plus, being a Story Teller means she can talk for hours and that is one thing you get with most works a poem or story with the art.

Here are the best words to detail Michelle Reid~Hawley as an Artist:

Slow Artist *
Multiple Medias
Naive art
Modern art
Contemporary art
Appropriation art
Story Teller

Of Native Origins NDN
Scottish/UK tree
Born USA

*Like you go to a gallery to view art at a slow art exhibit. Michelle paints art by taking her time and skills within the details. Longest painting took 40 yrs.

None of my pieces are done in a day They would be under Slow Art.

SlowArt principles, the viewing of art under Slow Art is a slow and meditative process. To properly view a work of art, it must be viewed and pondered over for a duration of time. Under Slow Art works of art are an expression of a devotional life process.

Collector's choice:
The Coffee Poet 2015 Slow Art
Original Sold to Collector in Arlington, Texas

Volunteer Commissions:

School of WAGES
1 Oil Pastel
Mastiff Oath 2015

Mrs. David Williams in Arlington, Texas
Come into the Vineyard 2015

Mrs. D.J. Nelson in San Antonio, Texas
3 paintings
Flamenco Fan Dancer 2014
Love of the Dance in flight 2013
Spanish Dancer 2012

Dana Nelson in Plano, Texas
1 painting
The Heart that Rescues 2013

Exhibited at:
Dallas Conception Art Show 2017
Dallas, Texas

Exhibited at:
Arlington Museum of Art
The Community Art Showcase:

A note of THANKS:

Written with the heart of the pen

You keep dropping by to peek in,
And I see your written words within,

Each day you stop by,
You write more in my heart,
And I see your written colors in the blue sky,
Your smile in my window shows your art.
So I hope you will stop by again,
And bring your urbane....

Michelle Reid - Copyright � 2013

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Michelle Reid Hawley Modern joined Licensing on September 8th, 2013.