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Learn more about Karen M Blankenship from Bella Vista, AR - United States.

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I remember as a young girl riding around with my mother as she practiced night photography with her trusty Yashica. I really admired mother's patience and deliberation as she practiced her art. I wanted to learn more, and I credit my mom for this inspiration. I dabbled with photography for many years afterwards, but took my art to a serious level twelve years ago. Through independent study and thousands of slides later, I feel photography is my means to creative catharsis.

In my body of work you will find a very eclectic mix. I've enjoyed shooting portraits, landscapes, still life, macro, wildlife, architecture, flowers & weeds, and abstracts. I love experimenting with different techniques, such as multiple exposures, manual zoom, or simulating rain on flowers. Photography allows me to lose myself in the moment, to reflect, and to grow.

I have been fortunate enough to win numerous awards and receive notable mentions in a variety of juried competitions. This recognition is relished on a number of levels, but mostly I am delighted when my art is able to pull the viewer into the scene in some unexpected way. That I have touched a place within them that makes them feel, think, or see in a new or different way is such wonderful affirmation. I now invite others to get a glimpse of the world through my viewfinder...

The body of my work is done on film. I welcome and encourage your comments.

* If you would prefer a signed print I can upload that for you in place of the one you see on FAA.

Karen M Blankenship joined Pixels.com Licensing on June 19th, 2013.