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NORTHBOUND WINDOWS - N - TIME Inspired by Michigan's scenic shorelines, small towns and rustic views.   Welcoming the rebirth of spring with it's many shades of green.   Honoring the power of unfolding flowers.   Greeting twilight at sunrise and sunset.   Chasing autumn's glory and winter's delight.   Enjoying backyard fun - there for everyone.   My strong desire to capture the simple yet extraordinary sights of life can not be denied.   MEMORABILIA FOR REFLECTION 'A GIFT TO SEE' ...more
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Lake Michigan's Inspiration

1)Sunrise Awakes a Kayak Day in the UPPER PENINSULA of MICHIGAN. 2)Sunset at PIER COVE, MICHIGAN. 3)Lake Michigan waterscape at PIER COVE, MICHIGAN. 3)Charlevoix Lighthouse in CHARLEVOIX, MICHIGAN. 5)Scenic Overlook at Inspiration Point in ARCADIA, MICHIGAN. 6)Cloud Display Waterscape at Fisherman's Island State Park in CHARLEVOIX, MICHIGAN.

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