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Learn more about Jill Greenaway from Nanaimo, British Columbia - Canada.

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My interest in Photography dates back to 1985 using a film camera. Initially I worked in Black and White, doing my own darkroom work, both developing and printing. Later I started to work with colour transparencies, doing Cibachrome prints my darkroom. This was very time -consuming as I continued to work full-time as a Healthcare Professional. Around 2004 I purchased a digital SLR. This was to be a steep learning curve for me as I was at that time not very computer literate. In some ways I miss the darkroom but not the noxious fumes. The background in film photography is advantageous when it comes to composing and shooting - when shooting colour transparencies you had to ' get it right in camera ' - as there was no possibility of ' tweaking ' in Photoshop.
I like to be out shooting, not sitting at the computer editing poor shots.

I have had a passion for flowers all my life and they feature prominently in my photographic work. For me photography is always both documentary and expressive at the same time. It captures a fleeting, ephemeral, moment in time, conveying mood and beauty.I enjoy abstraction and impressionistic images.I know there are many people who do not regard Photography as an Art form, but it certainly can be.
So my Photographic subject matter is often [ but not exclusively ] floral and ranges from documentary botanicals to macro, abstract and impressionistic images.

I have won a number of awards. I have five awards from the Canadian Association of Photographic Art [ CAPA ] and have also a number of local and regional awards.

My images on the FAA website show the FAA watermark to prevent fraudulent use of my images. Please be aware that if you purchase one of my images that the FAA logo will not appear on your purchase.

Jill Greenaway joined Pixels.com Licensing on June 9th, 2015.