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Learn more about James Lloyd from Niles, MI - United States.

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British photographer Don McCullin said, 'Photography isn't about seeing, it's about feeling. If I don't have some kind of feeling for what I'm shooting, how can I expect the person who looks at it to feel anything?' As I mature as a photographer, I want to connect more and more with my subjects and hopefully have a greater connection with the viewers.

I consider myself an amateur photography because I discovered the entomology of the word 'amateur'. Its roots are French from the Latin 'amator' which means 'lover'; from 'amare' which means 'to love'. I love photography. It has brought much peace and joy into my life, especially in this fast-paced world. I am most happy with an early morning cup of coffee, the sun shining, and my camera in hand. I like to take photos that might spark a story in the minds of the beholder or elicit a laugh or two. If a photo stirs your heart or makes you smile, please like and your comments are welcome also!

James Lloyd joined Pixels.com Licensing on May 22nd, 2015.