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Learn more about Heather Hennick from Thornhill, On - Canada.

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Artist Statements

Encaustic and Mixed Mediums

I use purified Beeswax with dried pigment and damar crystals (tree resin) for hardening.
I heat the wax to a molten point where I can apply the wax as liquid to a rigid surface such as masonite or wood, coated card stock or absorbant paper.
Each layer is fused to the next with a heat source, thus a commitment to the composition evolves. I work spontaneously as I create the composition.
The process may include techniques such as ironing, carving, embedding materials, transfer techniques, stamping, drawing and painting. I believe encaustic is a forgiving medium that includes a multitude of modalities and creative opportunities for expression.
Encaustic is a natural preservative that allows me to capture time, my story and the human spirit.

After decades of exploration of mixed mediums, methodologies and art styles, the artist reveals a visual language that reflects heart and soul.
Heather Hennick, associates ' Symbolism' with an emphasis on emotions, feelings, ideas, and subjectivity rather than realism. Her works are personal and express their own ideololgies, particularly the belief in the artist's power to reveal truth.

Dry Wool Felting

I use a barbed pin to push the wool fibers through the wool canvas.
Wool fibers entangle on each other to form a cloth. As fibers curl around each other, the scales catch on each other and become entangled. Another name for feltmaking is massive entanglement. The fibers are entangled enough to have created a fabric which holds together as one mass. I use this process to create a painting from wool fiber. The sensation of felting allows me to meditate with every stroke. It is a meticulous process which reduces stress and drives my imagination. I enjoy working with natural materials of which connect me to a state of mindfulness. Doing hand work activates our parasympathetic nervous system. We are naturally calmed making it easier to handle what ever else might be coming up.
The natural 100% wool presents as a dry, safe, flexible and tactile medium that allow me to feel from the inside out and then from outside in.

What is Art Therapy?

1) Art therapy is an interpersonal experience in which a therapist facilitates, guides, witnesses and responds to an individual�s art process and art expressions, based on best practices and current and emerging research.

2) Art therapy is different than self-help experiences in that there is a helping professional and an individual [family or group] seeking assistance from a therapist to make changes. The relationship between a therapist, an individual, and the art process and art products is essential to art therapy and includes purposeful dialogue and specific therapeutic interventions in response to both process and product.

3) Current and emerging research in mind-body medicine, allied health and integrative healthcare demonstrates that art therapy is an effective, health-enhancing intervention and form of treatment (Malchiodi, 2012).

Art Therapy Specialties: I specialize in mental health, those with mental and physical disabilities, geriatrics/long-term care and self care workshops. I have completed a study and thesis using (encaustic) art therapy. My graduate thesis is entitled ' An exploration of the potential of encaustic art therapy as an intervention for burnout and compassion fatigue with healthcare professionals.'
Region: Toronto and surrounding area
Other Specialties: I am a practicing artist/art psychotherapist and can provide quality art experiences. I have an in-depth understanding of the creative process and am able to facilitate this for others. I work with all ages. I facilitate group and private sessions.

My art therapy workshop-sessions embody, engage and absorb the client/s in their own art materials and collaborative process. As a professional art therapist I have learned how to stay with the uncertainty and other difficult feelings that arise as part of the process that is crucial. I am a practicing artist, accessed psychotherapy myself throughout training and I am able to practice in a meaningful way. My therapy is not a �dry set of techniques� but a soul nurturing, rich, creative and wonderful psychotherapy that allows any client to find themselves in the centre of the �PROCESS�. I offer a safe psychologically contained space and relationship. I stay with the image and the process. I believe in a mind, body and spirited connection.

Artist/ Professional Art Therapist and Psychotherapist: Heather Hennick, B.A., R.G.D.( emeritus), D.T.A.T.I ., RP.


Graduate of Art Therapy 2013- Toronto Art Therapy Institute

Registered Member of CRPO

1976-1979 Diploma Graphic Technology Dawson College- Montreal, Quebec Canada
Status : Registered Graphic Designer (Emeritus- 2018)

1996 B.A. Creative Art Studies- York University- Toronto, Ontario Canada

1998-2018 R.G.D. (emeritus) - Ontario Graphic Designer Association

2003- Diploma Canadian Institute of Floral Design

1980- Current- Henco Consulting Inc. (supplies and equipment)

Division of Partyzazz (www.partyzazz.com)

May 2010- 2013- Toronto Art Therapy Institute (Master Level)
Placements: York Central Hospital (Mental Health and Geriatrics)
Sunnybrook Hospital (Geriatrics- Veterans)
Reena Foundation (Developmental Disabilities)
Interval House Shelter (Trauma)
Canadian Mental Health Association

Member of The Canadian Art Therapy Association
Committee member for the CATA convention 2011

2008 Vaughan Juried Exhibition
Works selected Encaustic 'He's Away'
Honorable Mention- Encaustic 'Connection'

Spiritual Expressions Through Art
April 21-26, 2009
at J.E.H. Thoreau MacDonald House
(Heritage District)
121 Centre Street, Thornhill, Ontario

Painted Violin Project May 17, 2009
Proceeds benefit the non-profit
Florida Youth Orchestra

March 2009- Submission accepted of 'Lawbird'
Juried Gallery

April 2009-Submission accepted of 'My Higher Self'
Juried Gallery

Juried Painted Violin Project, September 21, 2009
Proceeds benefit the non-profit
Florida Youth Orchestra

Toronto Art Therapy Institute
2009-2013 Art Therapy Graduate

Member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association

Canadian Mental Health Association- July-December 2010

Reena (Developmentally challenged Population)
Art Therapy Workshop Facilitator June-December 2010
In- service art therapy presentation

Interval House (Shelter for Women and Children) November-December 2010

Art Therapy internship-York Central Hospital, Richmond Hill, Ontario
December-August 2011
Mental Health
In-service of encaustic art therapy

Art Therapy Internship-Sunnybrook Health Sciences-Hospital, Toronto
May-August 2011
Veteran's Center, Pallative Care
Inter-professional training program certificate
In-service of encaustic art therapy

Spiritual Expressions Through Art
April 13-18, 2010
J.E.H. Thoreau MacDonald House
(Heritage District)
121 Centre Street, Thornhill, Ontario

City of Vaughan Juried Exhibition- May-June 2011

Numerous artwork is held in private collections

October 2011- Facilitator of Stress reduction Workshops for Health Care Professionals at York Central Hospital

September 2012- Therapeutic wool entanglement- art workshops - private and group

November 2012- Facilitated workshop in Toronto ' The Ancient Art of Encaustic Painting' for the Ontario Art Therapy Association

May 25, 2013- Burlington Art Centre- Ontario Art Therapy Association- Conference Workshop -'Changing Views',
'The Ancient Art of Encaustic Painting'

Member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists 2013- current
Juried exhibition- Award August 2013
Summer exhibition
Winter exhibitions
Facilitated 2 hour demo in encaustic techniques followed by a workshop
2015-2016 Demonstrated encaustic techniques at the Mill pond Gallery - artist in residence and during Parks and Recreation special events

Nov 23- December 7, Collingwood 2013 - Andrea Rinaldo Art and Design Gallery-'Tall and Skinny' exhibition (Tremont associate)

June-August 2013 Newmarket Healthcare Center- Created and facilitated Group 10 week Art Therapy program for Long term care
April- Current 2015- Scarborough Retirement Residence- Expression in Art workshops
2015- Current Mill Pond Gallery- Art Therapy workshops in Encaustic and Mixed- mediums
2013-2019- Private work (GTA)
2017-2019- Registered Psychotherapist (Creative art therapy in LTC)- Innerart

Solo Fine Art Exhibit
Creations in dry wool felting
'Meditation in Wool'
Mill Pond Gallery
February 22/23, 2014
Solo Fine At Exhibition
Nov 15-16- 2017
'Journey in Hummanness'- 2018
Nov, 29-Dec 7- 'Small Treasure' Group Show
Mill Pond Gallery ' New Beginnings' March 26-27 2016
July -2016 Mill Pond collaborative exhibition 'Expression in creativity'
Mill Pond Gallery- February 23-24, 2019 ' Navigating Transformation'. ( Exhibition and Sale)

Art Therapy and Psychotherapy: for self-care and stress reduction providing a quality of life experience.

My sessions offer a safe, supportive environment which respects the pace and limits of each group member. No art experience is needed. Open to all ages. Please email hennick905@gmail.com- to register. I welcome any questions you may have.

A. Encaustic and Mixed Mediums- Art Therapy
In sessions, participants use molten beeswax to give imagery to their feelings, thoughts, and imagination. These images may begin with exploration of a dream, a memory, or an emotion; a specific idea or simply an urge to play. This meaningful play often provides a new mode of expression which allows a lively, insightful relationship with personal imagery. Creative writing is supported as part of the therapeutic process.

I offer service within GTA or surrounding area.
Consent forms are required prior to sessions.
No experience is required.

Mill Pond Gallery office: ' Encaustic and Mixed Mediums' (rhga.ca for details)
Private or semi private available.

Note: Insurance:

If you have a health insurance policy, it will usually provide some coverage for mental health services. It is important that you find out exactly what mental health services your insurance policy covers. However, you (not the insurance company) are responsible for full payment of my fees. I will provide you with a copy of your receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You should be aware that if you are charged for a missed appointment, it is you, not the insurance company, who is ultimately responsible for charged fees.

Current 2019- Facilitates Art Therapy and offers Encaustic Supplies
email: hennick905@gmail.com
www.partyzazz.com (for supplies)

blog: art4therapy.blogspot.ca

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