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Twenty Five years ago, I attended my first official art class. The teacher, Beth, was a friend who ended up changing my life. The addition of painting to my life has opened up a vast world that all artists appreciate. Art changed the way I 'see'.

My undergraduate education was in Physics and Mathematics. I became a computer programmer after college, working full time, then part time until the birth of my third child. For the next 8 years, I stayed at home, immersed in raising my young children. Toward the end of that period, I bumped into Beth. She was teaching private classes part-time. Beth encouraged me to join a group of adults to paint on Thursday mornings. Unfortunately, that was short lived because it was time to re-enter the working world to help my husband pay for College I went back to work full time as a Realtor, achieving a high level of success in the first year. At the end of that decade, I called Beth to ask her about her whereabouts. She was teaching college art classes where I audited 22 classes over the next 7 1/2 years. I received no grade but, I was no doubt the hardest working student every semester! So I learned to paint and achieved a level of skill that brings me much joy.

Every painting was about learning. I spent so much time on each one that I never wanted to part with them! Many artists would be nodding their heads right now. We all have many paintings hung or stored at our homes.

In 2013, my art education was interrupted by a knee replacement and my momentum did not return until the past 2 years. Ten years ago, I had set a one year goal to paint to sell and do all that was necessary to sell originals and prints. Well, I'm just a little late but there is no time like the present!. So, I recently embarked on a new and exciting journey to start my own business. The more I learn, the more I realize just how hard it is to do this, but what fun! So, I am entering a new adventure again! Youth, Marriage, computers, motherhood, real estate, painting and now starting a new business!
When people asked me when I retired from real estate, I tell them, 'I did not retire. I quit!' Never retire....there is so much out there to experience.
Thanks for reading. Write me back!

I grew up in Charlotte, NC (best state in the country!) Upon marriage, we lived briefly in central Michigan....then 13 years in the college town Wooster, Ohio.
Now, for 32 years, we have lived in my husband's home town of Parkersburg, WV. All of these are unique, wonderful places.. My mother told me to 'Bloom where you are planted'. Great advice...I hope to keep on blooming!

Dorsey Northrup,

Dorsey Northrup joined Licensing on September 10th, 2020.