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Learn more about Donna Dixon from Clayton, GA - United States.

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Donna Dixon is a painting artist and lives in Georgia, USA. She has lived in both Houston and Austin,Texas as well.
Dixon, who is a life long, self taught artist, trained and worked in the Medical Lab field until an early retirement.
Dixon's style has been described as Modern Expressionism.
She describes her artwork as colorful and positive. She says she is inspired by Impressionist painters and nature is one of her most common sources of inspiration, and elephants are one of her favorite subjects. She supports efforts to protect both African and Asian elephants, along with other endangered species.

'I want to show how everything has beauty and is best left and appreciated undisturbed, unadulterated. The result I want to accomplish is a creative or peaceful time warp for the viewer.
I am captured by the beauty & spiritual purity of animals and nature. This is a 'never-ending' fascination.
I am currently using mostly oils or acrylics'
Dixon was honored to have artwork included in a previous collection for Saatchi Online, curated by Ms Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator at the Saatchi Gallery London.
'Originals for $500 and Under Collection.'

It wasn't the spotlight Donna Dixon craved when she was growing up. She got her kicks behind the scenes. In school, she took the opportunity to paint sets and scenic props, as opposed to acting on the stage.

Today, instead of high school plays, you may spot her art in the background of Hollywood movies. Two paintings of Dixon's can be seen in the 2012 Universal Studios film 'Wanderlust' - a comedy produced by Judd Apatow, directed by David Wain and starring Paul Rudd with Jennifer Aniston.

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Artwork represented in the PAKS Gallery Catalog -
The European Art Tour included-
'Contemporary Fine Art Masters and Luxus'
Vienna, Austria
'International Design, Luxus and Art Fair'
Vienna, Austria
5-13 March 2016

5th Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss (2015)
Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss, Norway
Benefiting Home-Start Moss
March 2015
Moss Library Moss, Norway

4th Twitter Art Exhibition
Orlando, Fla
(Benefiting -Special Needs Dance Class

Mark of Beauty- Online Exhibition Inside
the Union Gallery
Scotland Fringe Festival
Union Gallery
Edinburgh, Scotland

4th Twitter Art Exhibition
Orlando, Fla
(Benefiting -Special Needs Dance Class)

Art Konnekt Exhibition
Little Mumbles
Mumbles,Swansea UK

3rd Twitter Art Exhibition
Exhale Unlimited Gallery
Los Angels, CA
(Benefiting -Art Division)

2nd Twitter Art Exhibition
Moss, Norway
Benefiting Women Shelter 2012

Art From the Streets- Exhibition
Austin, TX

Four Winds Indian Village and Retreat
Tiger, Ga

Mountain Feathers Gallery
91 W Savannah St
Clayton, GA 1989

Solo exhibition-
Featuring Dixon's artworks of Native American Indians and a selection of earlier works
Lofty Branch Gallery
Hwy 441S
Clayton, GA 1988

Visualize World Peace- Exhibition
Austin, TX 1987

Donna Dixon joined Licensing on March 11th, 2012.