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Learn more about Debra Campbell from Milledgeville, GA - United States.

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Hello, I am Deb Campbell. I enjoy painting cabins in the woods, on lakes and rivers, as well as cottage scenes with colorful flowers and trees. I live my life in the company of dogs. Currently there are 9 4-legged fur children in my family, all rescues. It is no surprise that my favorite subject to paint are dogs. I love dogs because they are pure, loyal, loving, and live each day in joyful appreciation of the simplest acts of kindness. I believe a dogs' eyes are truly windows to their special soul. I spend much of my retirement volunteering at the local animal shelter where I receive much love and appreciation from the dogs waiting for their forever loving homes. Every day they teach me about the joy of living and enjoying every minute.

I am a self-taught artist, learning much from my very talented mom who passed away in 2006. I hope that I am carrying on her legacy and love of oil painting.

Debra Campbell joined Licensing on December 9th, 2013.