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Learn more about David Hinds from Springfield, IL - United States.

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Each artwork David creates is rich in color and form, every piece with a story to tell. Many sights and sounds of David's childhood come to life in his colorful artwork...be it quirky animals, expressive portraits or his enduring hero, Abraham Lincoln. Working predominately in pastels, a love picked up after observing outsider artist George Colin's mastery of the medium. George and his wife Winnie were treasured neighbors and friends.

Growing up on a farm situated in between Lincoln's New Salem and Springfield, IL David has many fond memories to draw from. Including the summer vacation adventures all across America in our tiny family camper. Still living on the outskirts of Springfield, David says Ole Abe is still present, here in the 'Land of Lincoln'.

Being a self taught artist, David is experimenting and learning as he goes, loving the creative process. For David, the best compliment is hearing his work brings happiness to those viewing it. So if you do enjoy something you see here, please leave a comment, as I do so love reading them!

Out of necessity, David has always photographed his own artwork and has found that he quite enjoys the process...so you will find photographs and digitally altered artwork.

Having also dealt in antiques the majority of his adult life, vintage images hold a special attraction. Knowing that a lot of the people and places in those images are no longer with us makes keeping those images for all to see that much more important.

Regardless of the collection of work that drew you here...Thank you for the visit!

**fineartamerica watermark does not show up on printed orders.

**Original artwork available at:

**The Roost, Springfield, IL.
**Obed & Isaac's, Springfield, IL
**Art4U, Springfield, IL.
**Outside The Lines Art Gallery, Galena, IL.
**Vanbrugh West Antiques Ltd., London, UK.
**The Yellow Mustard Seed, Pacific Grove, CA


David Hinds joined Pixels.com Licensing on December 20th, 2016.