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Learn more about Crystal June Norton from Burlington, NC - United States.

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Sleep is the artists' nemesis. In waking hours I create what I feel emotionally. I wish to share my inner thoughts here as art, and truly hope you enjoy.
I am from a small town in North Carolina, and consider many visual and audible forms art in itself. Nature also provides visual and emotional stimulation if we just take the moments to breathe and surrounds us.
I enjoy sketching, acrylic painting, photography, and photo-manipulation.
I currently have a free account, so if any piece interests you and it is not open for sale, please contact me and I will make it available as soon as I read your message. Please understand. :)

One of my lifelong goals is to sell at least one piece of art. I hope to create something that speaks to someone. Whenever we see a piece of art we 'just know' when something speaks to us. We all have our favorites. I create from the heart, and never know what one day will bring versus another. I have varied techniques and styles, and prefer to remain open with design because in my mind art shall be free expression, no matter what.
Please enjoy. Please comment! I accept critique as well. ;)

Crystal June Norton joined Licensing on October 9th, 2011.