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About Cora Wandel

Learn more about Cora Wandel from Washington, DC - United States.

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I enjoy photography and writing, and sometimes think of myself as a photojournalist. If there is a story to be told with a photograph, I tell it. As a longtime resident of Washington, DC, a lot of my photographs are of this area, and I enjoy writing in the description something about the shot -- it could be a short statement about an equestrian statue in the middle of a park, or a more intimate tale of the mausoleum where Abraham Lincoln's son, Willie, was entombed for the remaining three years of Lincoln's presidency after the boy's death. These photographs are contained in the aptly named 'Washington DC' Collection. In addition to 'WDC' there are eight other Collections on this page, and two of my favorites are 'Paintings' and 'Sculptures' in which there are photographs of famous artwork taken primarily at the National Gallery of Art, or an affiliated museum, such as the Corcoran Gallery of Art, here in Washington. I take great pride in photographing these masterpieces, and hope you enjoy looking at my photographs of these works. The remaining Collections on this page deal with cemeteries, flowers, people, and a catch-all called 'All Other Photographs'.

The photographs in this portfolio do not belong to the public domain. They are owned and copyrighted by Cora Wandel. Use without permission is prohibited by law. All rights reserved.

Cora Wandel joined Licensing on May 9th, 2013.