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Learn more about Belinda Threeths from Canton, Georgia - United States.

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This Artwork is created with great 'love and from the soul.'. Suitable for homes, offices, and art gallery collectors. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. **********************************************************************************************************************************
I have always had a great passion for ART. In fact, as a young child it began with coloring books. In elementary school, I began taking art and photography summer tcourses. My art education continued with advanced classes in high school, brush techniques, watercolors, oil, and acrylic paintings. I also learned how to use charcoal & color crayons and pencils. I loved working with color charcoal crayons, mixing the colors. It always amazed me how the painting looked so real. In my later years, I enrolled in different software classes, and have been able to incorporate these acquired skills into my artwork, which offers me the opportunity enhance it with different features such as special lighting. I have worked very hard to merge all of my knowledge into comprehensive pieces. I find this so relaxing which allows me to produce such beautiful art and provide a diversity of art. I am so grateful that I am able to create art that is inspirational, enlightening and spiritual. This experience has taught me that you can overcome any obstacle with faith and perseverance.


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Belinda Threeths joined Licensing on October 30th, 2011.