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Newby here--give me time to catsup. (sic)
I love to pun. In my titles. In life.
In my images--if I can. I find myself most drawn to the “happy accidents” of painting very fast and without a preconceived idea of where the thing is going or what it will show me. Sometimes (not that often), I over-paint and ruin it. But . . . Sometimes I stop in time. I do plan some subjects/composition in advance, and try to capture certain moments from life--my life--life in general--someone else’s life, or nature. I like to mix it up. Bring a little abstract into realism and a “suggestion' of realism into abstraction. Creating an image that can be interpreted in individual ways. Maybe differently, for as many as possible--that’s the best. I make suggestions that you and your brain have to--wants to finish. Making it more real in some way than if you would immediately recognize it, and say, “Oh. Yeah. Isn’t that pretty; I’ve seen stuff almost like that before. What’s next?”

It is amazing and not fully understood by me just how little, how few lines, or brush strokes, or palette knife smears, can give you a completely knowable mental icon, and yet be primarily an abstraction--a metaphor of sight, open to interpretation. Oh, that’s exciting to me! And, what the heck is “Beauty?” A woman, a flower, a bowl of fruit, a sunset over a tropical beach? An old Hermit or a Hag, a mangy dog, a hungry child, or a dead animal? And, yet, we know, on some instinctive level--universally, what beauty is and what it isn’t. What could be more fun than looking for the answer to a question like that?

I will be offering my prints and cards and phone skins, etc for very little money. I have given most of my originals away to friends and family members, a few to banks and businesses, doctors and nurses that helped my Patty when she had a stroke in Hawaii. I am thrilled by anyone who sees what I am doing and 'gets it” and likes it, and wants to have a copy of any one or more of them. Some day, long after I have passed into the next level, be that dirt or nirvana or back to nothingness, my originals may be worth something to those who have cherished them enough to keep them in good condition. But, even if that never happens for my art or for my relative and friends, maybe a few people can have and enjoy and share the images in the mean time.

Aaron Aadamson joined Pixels.com Licensing on December 6th, 2013.