The Cliffs Of Carmel

The Cliffs Of Carmel Photograph


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Unadilla, NY - United States

A jaw-dropping capture Cristopher~ I remember this one! I feel like I'm viewing this on an adventure with hobbits and elves and a wizard... soooooo very beautiful... the mood and composition.

It was early morning, and everything was so fresh, I wish you could have experienced it or can someday. Thank you!

Maitland, FL - United States

Nice shot! If you look around, might find the position of my tripod, some 20+ years ago Rich

Thank you Rich, and WOW.....even though I couldn't find the piece you spoke of, you've done a lot of fantastic work, beautiful pics!

Sydney , NS - Australia

Yes, so beautiful,and love this,the place,the atmosphere....f.v...VIVA

Thank you Viva....glad you got to experience that as well.

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