Liberated Woman

ITI Ion Vincent Danu


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Liberated Woman Drawing


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Highlands Ranch, CO - United States

Haz de necaz..Love it!! FV

Haz de necaz, da...That's why, also, the Scarecrow sign is my signature...Trying to take like with "a grain of salt", with some (even dark) humor...Thank you, Cristina!

Sherbrooke, QC - Canada

One of my depression mean drawings when I was a bit (a lot) a misogynistic pig (as they say). I was living in a shady neighborhood, mostly welfare people, on the welfare myself at the time. It was noisy, smelly and for the neighborhood women two attributes (not to mention excessive body fat) were obligatory: the beer bottle and the bloody cigarette. And the kids were not a lot better most of them, mean, fresh and extremely noisy. I was myself kind of a dark character, with a wild beard, crazy eyes (but no beer and no cigarette)...Slowly, I moved out from depression, from the shady neighborhood, I trimmed my beard and de-crazied the eyes... Drawing little mean drawings like this one kept me from the cuckoo nest and when I got over my mid-life crisis and depression I got over also over my misogynistic tendencies. I start loving women again, even their excessive body fat (which I have some myself) as I always did. Not a very flattering story, eh?

Pueblo, CO - United States

Such can be our human foibles, but you have done this with a touch of your own humanity, some humor, and this is excellent drawing work to express your feelings at the time. Sometimes I just love b&w drawings. One of my favorite things here is the cat in the corner! ... how expressive! v/f

Thanks, Lenore! I do love B & W drawings too... in fact, sometimes, I am more satisfied with drawing...and if you like my cat you should also search for the one in my Self portrait "The good Shephard"...Have a nice evening!

Storybrooke, ME - United States

Excellent art my friend .. right from the soul of the artist. v/f/su

Thank you very much, Bob!

Warwick, RI - United States

Wow. Another beautiful drawing with a great moral lesson behind it. You have learned and moved forward with purpose.

Many thanks, Lourry!

Bucharest, Ro - Romania

Soooooo cool....... love your sense of humor, Ion. F,v, SU. _____ Ana

Many thanks, Ana! You know that the humor (hazul de necaz) was for us a survival tool... and not only for us...

Palm Bay, FL - United States

Ion, I'm glad that you are not in that place anymore. Your work now is fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing much more!

Very kind of you, Roger! Yes, it was a dark, sometimes frightening place...but things move on and the sun shines again...and then it rains... and so on...What they call the Russian Mountains...

Silicon Valley, CA - United States

Love your drawing, and the thought behind, incredible work!

Many thanks, Xueling!

Lakeland, FL - United States

A total baring of the soul Ion, not many are willing to admit their faults as you have, this is a great drawing. I hope it touches others as it has me.

I hope that too, Sharon! and thank you very much... It get easier to bare your soul once the depression is gone... You look at it with some amusement...

Palm Bay, FL - United States

Wow! What a story! Interesting piece.

Thanks, Roger!

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