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Angus Young Painting


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Azuga, PH - Romania

Very nice work !

Parma, OH - United States

Congratulations! Awesome piece!!!

Clifton, NJ - United States

Congrats on your sale!

Eureka, CA - United States


Minoa, Ne - United States


New Fairfield, Co - United States

Fabulous Congratulations ~ funny story I met Angus and his band back stage in Boston long ago. A friend of mine had parked at a warehouse and her car was towed. We were young and in college and went into the building to see what was round. Looked empty and at end of hallway was a room with a blinking light outside it on door. We approached and entered as silly kids. No one was round for the longest time. But in enters burly man and questions us. Rightly so too. We told him our predicament and were looking round after our car had been towed. He did not believe us and thought we were there cause of the rehearsing studio with AC/DC's bands equipment there. Ha! No kidding! We were clueless. He was so shocked we were not there for those reasons that he gave us a tour. I got to go and see the set up and touch Angus Young's guitar. He wasn't there at the time. However, the man who ran the rehearsal station brought us over for free to the club AC/DC was playing. No Kidding! Ha! We were taken back room where the band would come after their gig. Too Funny! I was at that time not really a true fan or listener to their music either. But it was so fun to be this preppy private college kid watching the scene unfold. The groupies they had were hilarious! Spandex animal print pats and teased hair. My friend and myself had our college backpacks looking so square. hahahah We met the whole band who came up to us where we were at a table in the back chillin. Must be nice to have a couple of girls not overly drooling over them. Too funny to this day just the thought of it all. All I kept thinking when in that back room was, "Geez what a tiny little man with cool high top sneaks."

Philadelphia, PA - United States

Congrats on your sale!!!!

Coslada, ma - Spain

Nice!!! Congrats

West Hollywood, CA - United States

Angus this is sweet . very cool congratulations

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