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About Pixel Commercial Licensing

License Images from the World's Greatest Artist and Photographers

Pixel Commercial Licensing is the licensing division of - the largest online art marketplace in the world.   On, you can browse through millions of images uploaded by independent artists and purchase them as canvas prints, framed prints, greeting cards, iPhone cases, and more.   On Commercial Licensing (i.e., you can license many of those same images from those same artists for use on websites, blogs, print ads, merchandise, TV commercials, and more.

Artists can offer both royalty free and rights managed licenses for sale.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of licensing websites on the internet.   What makes so unique?   The answer - our pricing structure.   We allow our sellers to control which licenses they want to sell and how much they want to charge for each license.   By giving full control to the sellers, we attract the greatest artists and photographers in the world... the same artists and photographers who have been selling prints of their images on since 2006.

Due to our flexible pricing structure, we have incredible images at all price points... many of which can't be found anywhere else online!

For more information about Commercial Licensing, you can view our frequently-asked-questions and submit questions to our staff on the following page:


Purchase royalty free and rights managed licenses from the world's greatest living artists and photographers.

Browse through millions of photographs, paintings, illustrations, digital art, and more!

Searched based on keywords, image size, orientation, colors, intended use, and more!

View our complete licensing documents right on our image pages and understand exactly what rights you're purchasing before you make your purchase.   Here's a sample document for a Royalty Free License.

Organize your favorite images into groups for large projects.

Communicate directly with our sellers, if desired, if you have questions regarding licensing terms or prices.

Filter our search results based on your exact licensing needs.   If you want to search for images that can be licensed for use on the cover of a book... you can do that!



Set your prices as high or as low as you want to set them.   The prices that you set are exactly how much you'll earn.

Control which images you want to sell... which sizes you want to offer for sale for each image... and which type of licenses you want to sell.

Change your sizes, prices, and license types at any time.

Add, edit, and delete your images at any time.

Sell royalty-free and/or rights-managed licenses.

If you don't like the terms of our pre-configured licenses, you can create your own custom licenses!

We don't require any exclusivity, at all.


Where do our artists and photographers come from? is one of the largest online art marketplaces in the world.   We have hundreds of thousands of artists and photographers from all over the world who sell their images on as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, iPhone cases, and more!   Some of those same artists and photographers license their images for commercial uses through Commercial Licensing, as well.